MGA Volleyball



At every program level you will work hard, have fun and learn a lot!


SAVE THE DATES!  If you tried out in the summer, you do not need to attend 



U12-U14  12-1:30pm  
U15            2-3:30pm  
U16-U17   4-5:30pm


SUN NOV 12th

U12-U13 SUNDAY NOV 12th 5-7pm


We offer programs for beginners wanting to play on a team for the first time, players looking to sharpen their skills to make a high school team as well as athletes looking to earn a college scholarship. We have programs for all ages and levels.

  • Eat breakfast: do not skip this step!
  • Dress: spandex or shorts and a regular T-shirt (NO tank tops), volleyball sneakers, knee pads
  • Bring: water bottle and light snacks: granola bars, banana, apple or carrots, ½ sandwich -turkey, ham or chicken are good choices (please no peanut butter or nuts as we will not know of any allergies ahead of time)
  • Bring Paperwork and payment if you did not pre-register: you can find the forms on our website
  • Get to the venue early: if you pre-registered, you will still need to check in; if you did not pre-register, we will need time to review your documents and take information
  • Settle in: put your stuff where indicated and start warming up by peppering or a dynamic stretch
  • You will be guided through every drill: Coaches will tell you what you are doing, show what you are doing and have other players demonstrate what you will be doing: you do not need to know drills to be able to follow along but you will need to pay attention
  • You will be moved around in different groups: do not read into this: just part of the process
  • You are being evaluated all the time: attitude is as important as skill: how you treat each other, how you encourage or discourage others is being viewed, how you recuperate after making a mistake (and everyone will make a lot of mistakes!) is noted: give your best effort and that includes best attitude
  • This is FUN not stressful: you will find the right program that matches your skill level, your commitment level and your schedule

What is Expected of an MGA Player
There are many facets of a successful athlete...from fair playing, to hard work, to nutrition to giving their team and coach their all & respecting themselves both on and off the court.

See Player expectations below INCLUDING the MGA Player Code of Conduct at the bottom of the page. You will need to read, understand & agree to the Code of Conduct in order to accept a spot on an MGA Team. See below.


All of our coaches plan their practices. You will always have a structured practice that includes skill specific drills and “game-like” drills. You are expected to be at all practices regardless of program chosen unless you have notified the coach 24 hours in advance with the exception of being ill that day or an emergency. Volleyball is a team sport and coaches plan their practices around what the team needs to work on: for that to be successful, we need players at every practice. If you have a test, for example, and need to study: you know about that test and can notify the coach ahead of time so there should be no last-minute decision.


First and foremost, players are expected to participate in ALL tournaments. For some this means during a Spring Break so please look at the calendar and plan accordingly. It is not acceptable to tell the team that you will not attend a tournament any less than 10 days before the tournaments so that practices can be planned accordingly.

Visit Our Tournaments Page and Get Ready to Compete!

To accept an offer to play and secure your spot on an MGA team players must read, understand, agree and adhere to the Code of Conduct below:

2023-24 Season:
Agreement and adherence to the following is required of all players and parents selected to an MGA Team.
1. I will treat all MGA teammates, coaches and parents with respect.
2. I will show fairness and respect towards all opponents (players and coaches,) spectators, officials, and facility staff
3. I agree to respect the property of others (e.g. teammates, hotels, gyms, locker rooms, vans and cars, restaurants...) and to pay for all damages for which I am responsible.
4. If there is an issue with another teammate, coach or player, I agree to address first with my coach . If a satisfactory resolution cannot be found, I agree to speak with Coach Fabian or Sarah.
5. I agree to NEVER leave the site of an MGA event without the knowledge and permission of my coach. This includes practice/playing sites, restaurants, hotels, etc.
6. I agree to be responsible for knowing, and following through with, these details pertaining to my team and self:
a. The time and location of each week’s events
b. Knowledge of my own travel plans
c. Being on time to all events (entirely ready at start time)
d. Informing my coach that I will be late or not attending any event
including practice at least 24 hours in advance unless illness, injury or emergency preclude me from doing so.
7. I agree to NOT be in possession of, or use, drugs, tobacco, alcohol, or any other illegal substance while involved in any part of any MGA activity including team bonding events not at the practice or tournament location.
8. I also agree that if I am with someone, who has these substances, I will be found equally at fault
9. I agree to NOT engage in any illegal activities of any sort.
10. I understand that VIOLATION OF THESE CODES (#6 and #7) will result in strict disciplinary action including likely dismissal from the team and loss of USAV eligibility. In case of dismissal, there will be no financial reimbursement.
11. I agree to meet my financial requirement in full.
12. I understand that the decision of the owners (Fabian Ardila and Sarah Ardila)
will be final in these matters of probation or dismissal, and agree that they reserve the right to use their discretion on a case-to-case basis.


A big part of getting players to perform their best is making sure they eat the right things at the right times.

Players need fuel but it is not only before a game, it is important to practice good habits all day- every day!

How to Eat Like an Athlete


  • Eat immediately after you wake up in the morning
  • Build a foundation for the day- don't skip breakfast
  • Eat throughout the day: choose low fat, nutritious carbohydrate foods and balance with low fat, high protein choices. Limit fried foods


  • Breakfast: cereal, pancakes, waffles, toast, bagel, oatmeal, grits, orange juice and fruit
  • Lunch: low fat sandwiches: turkey, ham or roast beef are good choices. Pasta with low fat sauce; salads, fruit
  • Dinner: lean meat (turkey, chicken, pork) or fish. Potatoes, pasta, rice. Vegetables, salad, fruit. Low fat frozen yogurt
  • Snacks: Pretzels, fruit, yogurt, energy bars, cereal, nuts, trail mix


  • Hydration is SO critical. Drink WATER not sports drinks or soda
  • Drink before you are thirsty! Bring a water bottle with you throughout the day
  • Pre Game or practice: Have a normal meal 4 hours before game time, and a snack 1-2 hours before
  • Recovery: 20 minutes after game: energy bar, fresh fruit, yogurt add some protein: peanut butter or lean meat- drink chocolate milk

You tried out? Now what?

After Tryouts you will receive an email from us telling you where we feel you land as a player at this time. We have a level of play for everyone so the email will contain your options as a player with MGA. This information will help you decide your options as a player overall.

If you have received a Tryout Callback, the exact level of play ( Regional or National) will be decided and after that you will receive an official invitation for the appropriate Team Level.

From there, you will respond and let us know if you accept your Team Invitation. After we have received acceptance from players we will send out payment information for the season. 

After you have accepted WHEW-HOO! You are part of MGA and will receive practice and schedule information via the website.