our team

Fabian Ardila

Owner & Master Coach

Robin Lee

Robin Lee

Eric Blahut

18s South Stars National Head Coach

Mason Willix

15s Blue Head Coach

Stacy Hampton

14s Black Head Coach

Will Mountzoures

15s Black Head Coach

Kim Hanlon

Kim Hanlon

Zoe Bogle

15s Red Head Coach

Nicole Trudeau

14s North National Head Coach

Amy Ngyuen

12s Black Head Coach

Tatiana Correia

15s North National Assistant Coach

Reagan Lewis

12s Black Head Coach

Jeremy Wilson

14s Red Head Coach

Trish Lewis

17s Black Head Coach

JR Polson

16s Silver Head Coach

Lily Steiner

16s Black Head Coach

Alicia Lukason

14s Stripes Head Coach

Gleiber Oliviera

17s Blue Head Coach

Sunni Rogers

16s White Head Coach

Grace Leete

17s White Head Coach

Joe Hanrahan

15s South National Assistant Coach

Samantha Chaisson

15s South National Assistant Coach

Josh Gray

16s Red Head Coach

Beth Rosa

16s Blue Head Coach

Hailey Fouche

15s Stripes Head Coach

Ivanna Nunez

15s White Head Coach

Rosella Latam

13s White Head Coach

Stephanie Kazmierczak

16s North National Head Coach

Zoe Ackerman

16s Stripes Head Coach

Juliana Berecoia

14s National South Head Coach

Olga Kosinski

15s South National Head Coach

MacKenzie Foley

14s National North Assistant Coach

Sasha Duprey

15s North Head Coach

Brian Reed

18s National North Assistant Coach

Katie Cosgrove

18s National North Head Coach

Molly Ardito

14s Blue Head Coach

Kate Ardito

14s White Head Coach



Coaches and what they teach shape the future of players that look up to them for guidance. CAP is the certification resource for coaches to learn cutting-edge information in the areas of skill development, tactical systems, conditioning, motor learning, mental training and much more. Behind every great player is a great coach...behind every great coach is CAP. As it is with many professions, the more classes and training you have, the more likely you are to be up to speed with the latest thinking and best practices.

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