MGA Volleyball


What types of programs do you offer?

MGA offers three divisions/levels of teams: National, Regional and the VolleyCrush League. The "National" division teams will be the highest commitment level and are geared towards athletes who want to play volleyball at the top level. The "Regional" division teams are a lower commitment level and are a great fit for athletes who are newer to the sport or don't want to travel as much. VolleyCrush League is perfect for a multi-sport or working athlete, who still wants to play competitively but work on specific skills. VolleyStart & VolleyNext are primarily for Middle School players, or freshmen, just learning.

How do I join a team?

2023-2024 season has Summer and Fall tryouts. Teams will be formed base don experience level and filling positions. National teams generally are limited to 10-11 players, regional teams to 11-12 and VolleyCrush programs cap at 64 players.

Who can play on a team?
Our teams are open to girls ages 9-18 of any experience level. The age group you can play at is based on the uSAV age chart 2023-24. Players may play “up” in age but not younger. We prefer to keep players of same age on the teams but will move a player up if appropriate.

How much does it cost to play on a team?

You can view the cost to play as well as the due dates for each payment on the team pages. National is $4300; Regional $2800, VolleyCrush $1200, VolleyStart $450 and VolleyNext $550. 

How and when do I pay team club dues?
An initial non-refundable deposit is due with your contract. 3 additonal payments are then due until the balance is paid. If you would like to discuss separate arrangements, please contact

What all is included in my team club dues?

Club dues include your court rental fees for training, coaches' and trainers' salaries, tournament entry fees, uniform/gear package, registration fees, and coaches' travel expenses.

Who will my team's coach be?
Please view your team page to see who will be your coach