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Who we are

MGA Volleyball - Your Premier Volleyball Club in New England

Membership and Affiliations: We're proud to be a licensed member of several prestigious organizations in the volleyball world, including the New England Region of USA Volleyball, NE AAU, MAVCA, and AVCA. Our commitment to these affiliations ensures we operate within established volleyball standards and frameworks, giving you the confidence of being part of a reputable volleyball community.

Competitive Diversity: At MGA Volleyball, we offer a range of competitive opportunities. Our teams compete at various levels, both regionally and nationally. This commitment to fostering talent and providing diverse competitive experiences allows athletes of all skill levels to thrive and grow.

Focus on Skill Development: At MGA Volleyball, we're dedicated to enhancing your volleyball skills. We place a strong emphasis on ball handling and fundamental technique, helping athletes improve their core skills. This focus on skill development is the foundation of our reputation for producing well-rounded, high-achieving athletes.

Reputation for Integrity and Respect: We take pride in our core values of integrity, class, and respect. These values define our culture and contribute to a positive atmosphere within the volleyball community. Our commitment to ethical conduct and sportsmanship ensures a supportive and respectful environment for all.

Success in Collegiate and Professional Levels: MGA Volleyball's success extends beyond the club. Many of our coaches and athletes continue to excel at the collegiate and professional levels of volleyball. Our track record speaks to our ability to prepare individuals for higher levels of competition and achievement.

When you choose MGA Volleyball, you're joining a club that's deeply rooted in the volleyball community, dedicated to your growth, and committed to values that foster excellence both on and off the court.

How is MGA different from other clubs?

Mission and Values: MGA Volleyball has a unique mission that sets us apart. We exist to serve three core purposes: promoting the development of well-rounded, mature young adults, providing access to higher education by preparing athletes for collegiate play, and advocating a healthy and active lifestyle.

Holistic Development: Unlike other volleyball organizations, our primary goal at MGA is not solely limited to developing volleyball players. We focus on nurturing athletes into responsible, respectful, and hardworking team members. We view volleyball as a powerful tool for imparting life skills that extend beyond the court, benefiting athletes socially, academically, and professionally throughout their lives.

Who plays for MGA Sports?

We have athletes from many different school districts who compete for our club. We also have athletes ranging in age from 9 to 18, of all experience levels. Additionally, we have dozens of athletes in the club with one or more family members that also play for MGA. We want players to thrive by making the sport fun while still pushing you to be the best of the best by the time you graduate high school.

How do I start playing at MGA?

We understand everyone has a different commitment level and volleyball goals, so we offer a variety of playing options! We welcome beginner volleyball players and LOVE to see new faces in the gym. You can join a team, and/or attend our camps, clinics, small groups and training programs.