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“It’s hard to describe the immense impact MGA has had on my journey. They are not only a club but a tightly knit family, one that welcomed and nurtured me since 13 years old. I’m so thankful for Coach Fabe and MGA’s dedicated coaches who have developed both my technical skills and my mental toughness — all striving to be the best player, teammate, and person I can be. I feel so blessed to be able to continue my volleyball career and study at Harvard! The team is so kind and welcoming, and I’m absolutely ecstatic to be able to spend the next 4 with such an amazing group of humans! All of this wouldn’t be possible without my MGA family. GO CRIMSON:)”

Yvette Easton

Before Merrimack:

  • MAVCA all-state team 2022
  • Division 1 all state team 2022
  • MVC player of the year 2022
Marissa Kobelski
Merrimack College
Phoebe Savas
Curry College

Middle Blocker

Vivian Neyman
Saint Anselm


Pati Cerda
Hamilton College

Middle Blocker

Lily Steiner
Babson College


Lizzy Wagner
Emerson College

Middle Blocker

Shelby McKim
Union College


Morgan Dority
Westfield State

When evaluating volleyball clubs for my daughters, we were looking for a club that prioritized fundamental skill development and one that would challenge the girls to step out of their comfort zone and grow as athletes and individuals. With no shortage of volleyball clubs across the State, what separated MGA from the others was...

1.     A commitment to developing their own coaching staff where they leverage a ‘train the trainer’ model that all coaches participate in which ensures consistency across the program

2.     A practice methodology with distinct phases that provide a ‘safe place’ for athletes to apply skills and challenge themselves - - including designated times where athletes are encouraged to be aggressive and push themselves to that next level balanced with periods where they are asked to execute in a controlled and deliberate manner.

We couldn’t be more thrilled with the experience so far and encourage anyone in a similar position to sit in on a practice to learn first-hand what makes MGA unique.

Oliver LeDuc

Throughout my time at MGA I not only grew as a volleyball player, but as a human being. I learned the value of working hard to achieve your end goal. Along my way to these goals I gained a support system for life. MGA actively seeks the best opportunities for their players and provides us with these opportunities as a way to further our growth!

Austin Prep ‘23

Kate Beckel
Clemson University

"MGA Volleyball and their talented staff have helped prepared our two daughters for collegiate volleyball. As parents of a NESCAC college player and a current high school senior captain in the process of recruitment, we are grateful for the opportunities this club has given us. Our kids have excelled on the high school court and college courts, earning trophies, championships and lifetime memories thanks to this training. Coach Nicole Trudeau and the MGA staff have the dedication, expertise and a vast network of connections that put student athletes in the best position for recruitment. We are a testament to that!"

Mike and Jennifer Gentile
Melrose MA 
Jen Gentile



If you are among the many volleyball recruits trying to make it to the college level, there are five keys you need to know about. These five keys can be the difference in playing volleyball in college or seeing your volleyball end when your last high school match is over.

For recruits striving for the next level, here are five things you should know:

1. Know What Competition Level Fits Your Athleticism, Talent & Skills

Collegiate volleyball is offered at all levels of college competition. It is played from the junior college ranks all the way up to the elite Division I schools everybody knows about. You need to get out and watch some games in person to help you determine what level of college volleyball may be right for you.

2. Decide Which Colleges/Universities Are Right For You

Once you know what division level of volleyball competition is right for you, start looking closely at the schools who compete at that level. You need to look at the degree programs they offer, the price of tuition, and how close to home you want to be during your college career. Think about the fact that the school of your choice should be first based on your fit academically because you want to love the school with or without volleyball!

3. Find Coaches You Have Chemistry With

Once you start making visits to some of these schools, you will want to evaluate the coaches you meet and determine if you fit with their coaching style. Volleyball recruits such as yourself just have better chemistry with some coaches than you will with others. If you want to have a good and enjoyable college career, you need to like and respect the coaches you are playing for.

4. Can I Play Right Away Or Should I Red-Shirt My Freshman Year?

Some coaches bring in volleyball players and they are asked to be a contributor from the very beginning of their freshman season. Other coaches like to red-shirt some of their freshmen to help get them get stronger and more ready for college competition. It's hard to sit and watch games for a year, but it does end up making you a better player in the long run.

5. Do I Need To Promote & Market Myself To Coaches At The College Level?

This just may be the key question you need to answer. If you have been setting the world on fire since an early age, college coaches are probably already camping on your front porch just waiting to sign you to a scholarships offer. However, most high school volleyball players need a little help to make sure they get the attention of college coaches who could use their talent and skills.

These five questions are the key questions volleyball recruits need to be asking themselves as they try and make it to the next level of volleyball competition.

If you are at this point in your decision making process, it sis good idea to speak with Coach Fabe or your high school coach to get started.